CosmicMellen is a psychedelic collection of art and craft products created by the delightful hubby+wife duo, Matt and Ellen McGuire (Matt+Ellen=Mellen).

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Gina's Kitchen Delights


We are a gluten and dairy free cottage kitchen food provider. We make baked goods, trail mix, granola, nut butter and more. We offer healthy organic (whenever possible), snacks and sweet treats.

I started my gluten and dairy free quest in 2011 and was truly disappointed at the offerings for those of us with food intolerances and allergies. I wanted food to still taste good!  I realized quickly that I was going to have create those adaptations myself. With creativity, a LOT of patience and some help from the internet I found many alternative food sources that I was able to cultivate into delicious, (at least I think so), baked goods.

We are always expanding and creating as many new gluten and dairy free alternatives as possible.

If you, or someone you know, is tired of struggling to find cookies that taste like cookies and pie that tastes like pie, then contact us. We are always happy to help make your taste buds do the happy dance! 

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Liz Cohen Ceramics

Liz Cohen is a ceramic artist from Atlanta, GA where she received a BA in Studio Art with a Concentration in Ceramics from Georgia State University. Her love for ceramics was discovered half way through her undergraduate degree, and she has not been able to keep her hands out of clay ever since. A majority of her student work consists of functional ware, yet she also enjoys creating sculpture and installations. In Spring 2014, Liz moved to Denver, CO. She worked as an adult pottery instructor and studio tech in the clay studio at Foothills Parks and Recreation District for over a year. She also taught adult pottery classes with the City of Thornton for a year. For the past year, Liz has been making work out of her home studio in Denver, and primarily sells work online through her Etsy shop and through independent sales.

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Reed Art & Imaging


Fine art printing is what we do. You have likely worked with print-makers who “also do” fine art  printing along with work with a plethora of other types.  Editions and on-offs are what we specialize in  – it’s our focus and not an afterthought. Your art prints are treated like art, not printed along-side family photos.

Originally located in Denver, but now in Lakewood at 8000 West Colfax Avenue in Lakewood, Colorado, we are in the heart of the vibrant and historic 40West Arts District. Our vintage 40’s era building was originally built as a movie theater and has a seriously cool retro-vibe. The structure houses creative space for TrueArt™ consultations, fine art giclee reproductions, professional photographic / chromogenic printing, color evaluations in our expertly lit studio,  custom presentations, fulfillment and shipping.

Traversing our doors, you will immediately know that this is the right place and we are the right team for you. We welcome our guests with a hearty hello and their four-legged friends will always find a treat behind the counter. As artists working for artists, we know your experience with us will be rewarding and engaging.  We are so passionate about creative visions, our fine art reproductions and professional photographic prints will knock your socks off –  so bring an extra pair!

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Diane Allison


Diane Allison is a 4th generation Denver native with a robust regard for the cities past, present, and future. The photo passion started in high school. A mix of meteorology classes and photo classes melded into love for sky, weather, and clouds. She is typically accompanied by her photo assistant, Lou. 

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All It's Own


ALL ITS OWN draws on inspiration from nature and spirit to offer goods that inspire people and help the world be a happier place. This little shop presents an eclectic assortment of over three-dozen local artists, including shop-owner William’s crafts and concrete pots. Drop in for uniquely displayed and low-maintenance houseplants, homemade gifts, sustainable goods, and natural necessities for the home, body, and spirit. 

William founded ALL ITS OWN in 2015, as a traveling plant shop. Vending at local artisan markets in the Denver area, he met several other makers and over time the dream to create a space where they could work and sell in community was formed. The ALL ITS OWN storefront, on W. Colfax in the 40 west arts district, is that dream realized.

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Local Universe


Local Universe makes it easy to shop with your conscience. 

When you’re seeking sustainably made gifts, gifts with a story, gifts that give back or maybe just some really cool stuff for yourself, explore Local Universe. Our goal is to do good in the universe by providing eco-friendly clothing and gifts that promote artists and support the environment and kids. We support a lifestyle of environmentalism, giving back and celebrating the great outdoors. 

Products in the Local Universe meet these criteria: 

They’re sustainably made. We seek out products that are made with environmentally friendly materials in an environmentally friendly way by earth-conscious companies.

So in addition to using:

  • recycled paper for our posters;

  • organic cotton, sustainable bamboo and RPET fabrics for our totes and tees;

  • and a local screenprinting company dedicated to environmentally friendly practices;

we implement environmentalism in everything we do. In fact, this business really represents what we believe in, in real life. So the ways in which we're green permeate everything:

  • We use recycled paper for all of our paper, tags, business cards and notecards.

  • We use recycled plastic and corn biodegradable trash bags.

  • All that cleaning we do? With all-natural cleaners

  • We also use a green screen when buying office supplies

  • We drive a very fuel-efficient car. 

  • $1 from every sale goes back to an organization that supports getting kids into the environment.

  • We belong to the Colorado Mountain Club, the National Wildlife Federation and the Sierra Club.

  • We pay extra for eco-friendly materials to use in our shipping as well. That’s how much we believe in the environmental cause.

They feature original art. We're honored to feature the work of so many talented artists on our products. You can meet them on our blog, and when you buy a gift or product from Local Universe, we’ll even send the artist's story with it.

They support a cause. We choose products from social enterprises that support a mission, or we select a nonprofit or charitable organization (exclusive of politics and inclusive of faiths and religions) to support with a portion of our sales. 

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Valerie Savarie


Living in the artistic shadow of my older sister, I turned to creative writing in my teens to allow my own artistic voice to be heard from beyond my sibling’s veil. Deep inside, the visual artist waited patiently for a time when the shadow would grow faint. With my sister’s and my evolution into two independent beings – ultimately mine being nurtured by her sun - I could finally express myself freely. When that time came, words and visual arts had formed an inseparable bond and so my book sculptures came to be.
In selecting books, it is important that they be published before 1972 (or, is at least as old as me). Sometimes the book instantly creates a visual concept and other times, I seek out a book that will echo my mental vision. Taking the written story within, I reinterpret it into a three-dimensional piece by cutting, sewing and painting (all done by hand without the use of power tools), thus creating a multidimensional collage while still leaving the majority of the book intact. Every page is kept as bound as it is important that my pieces retain their intrinsic book characteristics. Each page that is visible is purposely selected to be seen – whether it be specific words, lack of words, images or a combination there of. Words are as important as the visuals I create when making my book sculptures.

The characters I make—the inhabitants of the books—are always painted in black and white, which allow them to live in balance within their predominantly black and white (text and page) surroundings. Sometimes they are animals; sometimes they are more human. Regardless of their species, the eyes typically lend themselves to a more humanistic expression and are the last thing I paint. Eyes tell a story within their own orb and greatly impact the feeling of a piece and so completing them last, I solidify the over all emotion I want to express.

As my book sculptures evolve, I find my work growing beyond short stories, moving towards epic series - generating from a moment in time, page by page, book by book.

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Suzanne Alvord

“Walk this Way”

“Walk this Way”

These are photographs I have taken on my travels. I have also designed note cards and magnets using these photographs. Currently, 98% of my photography is within the state of Colorado.

We all have an eye for what is original, intriguing or beautiful in what surrounds us. My eye is drawn to the many marvelous expressions of nature. I try to capture the magic of the moment. For example, the "Under the Blue Moon" series. It was December 31, 2009. The sky was crystal clear. The moon was so full and bright, it was casting shadows! It was also the Blue Moon. I took my camera and tripod and bundled up. This series of photos were taken as time exposures using the moon light as my light source.

But my eye is also seduced by intriguing forms and shapes seen from unexpected angles. They enrich my vision of the world and enliven my spirit. I enjoy sharing them with my friends, old and I hope new.

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