Suzanne Alvord

“Walk this Way”

“Walk this Way”

These are photographs I have taken on my travels. I have also designed note cards and magnets using these photographs. Currently, 98% of my photography is within the state of Colorado.

We all have an eye for what is original, intriguing or beautiful in what surrounds us. My eye is drawn to the many marvelous expressions of nature. I try to capture the magic of the moment. For example, the "Under the Blue Moon" series. It was December 31, 2009. The sky was crystal clear. The moon was so full and bright, it was casting shadows! It was also the Blue Moon. I took my camera and tripod and bundled up. This series of photos were taken as time exposures using the moon light as my light source.

But my eye is also seduced by intriguing forms and shapes seen from unexpected angles. They enrich my vision of the world and enliven my spirit. I enjoy sharing them with my friends, old and I hope new.

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