Muralist: Jennifer Mosquera

Jennifer Mosquera’s work is colorful, stylized and vibrant. Attracted to whimsy, line and curves, she spends her painting time making playful work. She started her creative work as a child and always kept her artistic side active throughout her schooling and her first career as a Deputy Denver District Attorney under former District Attorney and Governor Bill Ritter. After discovering that the law was not a great fit for maintaining her creative side, Mosquera started searching for an outlet that would allow her to incorporate her creativity into her work. She explored fine art for a decade, leading to showings in New York, California and Oregon, as well as a sold out show in Kuwait. While she works primarily with paint and chalk, she also has developed a glass mosaic body of decorative work on old windows, as well as sculptural work with wood, paper and found objects. Jennifer likes to try new mediums and will not hesitate to tackle new challenges if they allow her to expand her creativity.

After her sold out show in Kuwait and after winning several awards for the Denver Chalk Art Festival and Boulder Door Competition, Jennifer has continued her creative work in the events industry where she cofounded Artistry Events and Design in 2012. Artistry Events & Design is an event design and decor firm focused on corporate and high-end private events. At AED she uses her creative skills to develop event design, build furniture, and create entertainments for corporate clients and high-end private parties.

Whatever this artist puts her hand to she elevates with color, style and creativity. She is very excited about this opportunity to share her creativity under the mission of 40 West Arts and is excited to be a part of the 2016 West Colfax Muralfest.

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