Muralist: Katy Casper Gevargis


Katy’s work is about transformation through bright and bold, quasi-abstract, nature-inspired, shapes and patterns that celebrate and evolve the spirit of objects, places, and people. Her architectural background inspires her work with furniture, signage, and 2D or 3D site specific installations. Partly for the eco-friendly aspect, and otherwise to connect past/present/future in the narrative of a piece, Katy prefers working with salvaged objects/materials and integrating the existing built environment like streets or walls that are desperate for reinvigoration through a mural, tiled mosaic, or 3-dimensional intervention. In contrast to the typical fine art ideal of look-but-don’t-touch, her work is intended to be interactive, inhabitable, and a multi-sensory experience so that patrons can connect to each other physically, emotionally, and spiritually through the medium of the art and the place that it transforms.

Katy’s creativity thrives on a collaborative process that shares the therapeutic effects of creating something by hand; connecting culturally diverse perspectives and building community through art. This is why at the end of 2014, she started working full-time for Arts Street, a small non-profit that teaches visual art and creative technology job skills to underserved youth. Here, she has found her calling working with youth to create real-world, architectural design/build projects for clients including murals, signage, furniture, interior design, and creative displays. (The Arts Street EntrpreMural youth team will be integral in helping with Katy’s mural installation at the West Colfax MuralFest.)

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