Muralist: David Ocelotl Garcia

David’s type of work can be described as modern, figurative, narrative, abstract, tribal, surreal, geometric and contemporary. With a focus on public art, David’s work ranges from large-scale interior and exterior murals painted directly to existing surfaces, on panels, cloth and canvas and also mosaic. His art is culturally diverse inspired by tradition, history, nature, balance and everyday life. David creates his art using a technique he has developed involving unconscious emotions, deep energies and personal visions. This process of creating allows him to transcend time and tell stories of the past, present and future.

David began his journey as an artist from the day he was given life. Through self-meditation and creative exploration he developed his own style and techniques in painting and sculpture. Through these techniques he can explore many aspects of life including, spirituality, science, history, tradition and nature as well as honors his ancestors, friends, family and my community. The purpose of David’s art is not only for visual beauty but also for visual education. He creates it to enlighten the mind, body and soul of the viewer. Through these expressions I am able to explore his own past, rich in tradition, art, music, and dance. David expresses current events happening in his life, his community and around the world. David’s art is constantly changing and moving in new directions paralleled by the energy of life that surrounds him.

“My art is the evolution of my past reflections of the future” — David Ocelotl Garcia

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