Muralist: Jade Phillips


Art, essentially at this point in Jade’s life, is cathartic. Within her process, she labors over large forms and minute details; this method of making art is highly preparatory and strict. Recently, in 2013, Jade graduated from Centralia High School in Illinois. Her yearning for an artistic lifestyle as dedicated and rigorous as this blossomed from an early inspiration via her high-school art teacher, Mr. Chris Tucker. Consistently advancing her technical skill and fundamental knowledge of all known arts, Chris paved a path for Jade within the art world. She is inspired by all that is natural – and everything that branches off from the natural. Just as the surrealists fused reality and the subconscious together during the mid-1900s, Jade works her compositions towards an unnerving familiarity with ties between ‘logic’ and ‘illogic’. After strenuously painting everything exactly the way she envisions it, there is a sweet release for herself. A burden seems to be miraculously lifted after she has completed a painting that has become alive with the help of her mind’s eye.

Jade classifies her work into a few definite categories: representational and figurative. Yet, for her to file away what ‘type’ of art she does would be wasteful at this particular point in her life. Jade is still in the beginning stages of discovering exactly what ideas and illustrations she wants to disburse unto the greater population through her artwork. Until this major turning point become apparent in her subject matter, her mentality, and within her dreams, she will continue to experiment with the various elements of aesthetics in ways that she find emotionally, physically, and intellectually stimulating.

Although Jade’s work is ever-changing, there are multiple subcategories that can be said to exist as various ‘bodies of works’. In her recent attempts, she seek to explore the most essential characteristics of our strongest human emotions and various imagery that is recurring throughout her life – either directly or indirectly correlating with the particular emotion and/or feeling portrayed in the artwork. There are multiple other conversations that she wants to hold through her creative process, although, at the moment, she feels the most empowered exploring what is not tangible and what cannot exactly be said: our human passions and sentiments.

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