Muralist: Shay Davis


Through his art Shay provides powerful emotional responses to a world of real and fantasy stimuli.  Each work challenges the viewer to create his own reality and understanding of the exciting mix of forms, objects and color within.

Beginning his art career at age 5 with an early interest in sports and superheroes , one still finds a sense of carefree imagination combined with new meaning and strength in all of his work. Likewise, a sense of playfulness from Shay’s life as a football star, surfer, and free
spirit, is linked with his own internal challenges in the real world and pervades all of his art.

Shay has recently received recognition for his work including being nominated for 2011 SD Art Prize New Contemporaries and being one of 8 artists selected as a “Heartist” for San Francisco General Hospital’s 2013 fundraiser, “Hearts and Heroes. His original works grace the homes of such people as actress Halle Berry and Jayne Seymour, athletes such as Tony Hawk, Bill Garnett, and Koy Detmer, and music legend Gregg Allman. Shay and his dog reside in Denver, CO.

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